Coastal Chiropractic in Ghent & Oceanfront

The doctors of Coastal Chiropractic have been serving the Ghent and Oceanfront communities of Hampton
Roads since 1998. With a focus on low force corrective care, we deliver to patients of all ages gentle solutions to
many spinal, nerve, muscle, and joint problems.

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Create an Effective Welcome Message

The home page welcome message is probably the most important 150 to 200 words on the website. The key is to “enter the conversation going on in the website visitor’s mind.”

Utilize a Theme

Dr. Anthony Bennett

Dr. Anthony Bennett of Coastal Chiropractic

  • Neutralize the fear of consulting a Chiropractor
  • Reduce the apprehension about the new patient experience
  • Extoll the Chiropractor’s listening skills, experience or compassion
  • Offer a brief overview of the services offered by the practice
  • Explore three or four of the most common admitting complaints

Accomplish one or more of these tasks while avoiding comparisons or claiming a cure. Be sure to offer hope and encouragement!

Be mindful that search engines will be reading this text as well. Offer just enough keywords to help Google and the others know what the website is about. And the most important point of all:

Ask For the Order

Urge the reader to take some type of action. Some possibilities include:

  • Explore our website
  • Start by reviewing this page
  • Call and make an appointment
  • Email us with your question or concern
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  • Read our latest blog post here

Make It Browsable

Format the content with a mixture of short paragraphs, bullet points and browsable subheads. Make the welcome message easy to read and formatted so it can be scanned quickly.

Good luck!